Accommodating women in construction.

4 simple steps on how you can help. When starting with a new construction company, we can be quick to assume that the employer/management has no interest in accommodating women. However, often the issue is simply that they don’t know how. As much as we’d like the industry to change over night, it won’t. WeContinue reading “Accommodating women in construction.”

Watson Gloves

Watson gloves is a Canadian company that manufactures and distributes quality gloves in all sizes for all trades. Whether you are a carpenter, plumber or welder, Watson gloves have that perfect selection to suite your needs. Women’s Gloves – Watson Gloves If amazing selection doesn’t have you convinced, what if I told you that notContinue reading “Watson Gloves”

Fall protection

Sizing is extremely important when it comes to harnesses, it effects your comfort just as much as your safety. One size fits all will most definitely not work for someone who needs a size small and this is often an issue for both men and women who are considered “small framed”. They will never adjustContinue reading “Fall protection”