Fall protection

Sizing is extremely important when it comes to harnesses, it effects your comfort just as much as your safety. One size fits all will most definitely not work for someone who needs a size small and this is often an issue for both men and women who are considered “small framed”. They will never adjust small enough for the worker to preform in a pleasant and safe way. In many cases. the leg loops will not tighten enough causing them to move up and down creating serious discomfort and safety concerns.

Primeline tools is the one stop shop for Fall protection PPE. They have that perfect selection for any job as well as any SIZE. I’ve been using the Paladin TRU-VIS Support and so far… It’s everything I could of ever asked for. Perfect fit, quality padding for extra comfort and guaranteed to keep the safety officers happy.

Paladin TRU-VIS Support Harness – Small – primelinetools.ca

The average person will not trust “one size fits all” clothing, so why would we with PPE?

Safety and PPE – Products – primelinetools.com

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