The west coast

The bright sun heats the sand and rocks of the coast, bringing in warm waves and creating the most spectacular contrast with the freezing cold water for those who swim in the reviving,Pacific Ocean.

The rivers and creeks are being filled by the melting snow from the tall Rockie mountains and glaciers, bringing everything in their path, back to life.

Peoples foreheads,noses and cheeks are covered with tans, burns and freckles. Heads are full of sand and salt deposits along with knots that are unbrushable.

The low tides are revealing Tidepools, exposing hundreds of different sea creators. Star fish, hermits, tube worms, sea urchins and anemones, oyster, mussels, all together creating the most mind blowing colorful puddle you’ll ever look into.

Everyone around you is smiling and laughing. Fisherman/women, surfers, hikers and travelers are overwhelming the roads, on their way to make their most memorable memories.

All the whales, orcas and dolphins are jumping with joy, seals are sunbathing and birds are singing to the sun rising at 4 am until it completely disappears from horizon of the ocean at 11.

I would almost suggest for you not to ever come and visit. You might never leave.

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