5 Life lessons I’ve learned from living in a Rv.

Through out the years of my family and I living on the road, I was positive that I’d be so much more grateful to live in a house, but instead it’s taught me to appreciate the Rv life even more. During my experience I’ve developed quite a few habits and got used to such a simple and free lifestyle that it has opened my eyes to all the waste of time and useless consumption that the average person does, and 4 years ago, I was one of them.

I don’t need nor want more stuff.

Once we moved into a house, I realized how empty it was due to the fact that we had “nothing”. It’s been four months since we’ve moved in and it’s still the same. A big open space with a minimal amount of things. But I have zero interest on changing that. I have no interest in purchasing any “decorative” furniture nor useless materialistic objects that have no value to me. The longer we lived in a rv for, the more we started getting rid of things that we realized that there was no point of having. The decorations we own are mostly all animal bones and skulls that we have found in the wild, sea shells and rocks by the ocean and rivers, along with a few other odd treasures that are either gifts or lost gems off a dusty shelf from the thrift store.

Water is gold

You don’t realize how much the average human uses water until you have lived in a Motorhome. Derick and I have spent over three years of turning off the water between rinses in the shower, using a fraction of water for dishes, limiting the amount of times we wash our clothes and so on. Then, you go back into a house and it ends up being hard to go back to normal. Although, other then turning the water off in the shower (that last roughly 5-10 minutes ), we haven’t changed much of our habits that we’ve picked up in the last few years.

*The average person uses from 80-100 gallons of water per day. Derick and I would often make that much last 2-3 days for both of us.

Time is precious

Since I can I remember, on top of some some everyday chores, I’ve always done a solid house cleaning once a week. When I lived in a two story home, it sometimes took almost a whole day. In a Rv, hell I had my floors, walls and windows cleaned in 2-3 hours.

Now I know some of you probably don’t see this as a big deal and even see it as “part of life”.Well guess what, for me, it shouldn’t be. If I do a quick average of how much hours I spend on house chores ba year, it comes out to roughly 468. Now some do more or less, but if that number doesn’t make you realize how many things you could be doing with your time then I don’t know what will.

There is so much to see

I’ve realized that there is a endless amount of things to discover and see, and living in one spot puts a restraint to all of it. However, I feel like I must live in places for at least few months to truly discover it’s full beauty. To get to the know the community, discoverer the fauna, see the seasonal changes and analyze every aspect of what makes that area unique. But then, move on. Because there is so much to do and see and no time to waste.

My advice to you, my little vagabond

Simplify your life, use less water, consume less electricity, get rid of your cluster of things and stop buying useless new stuff that you’ll need to dust off every other week.

Every hour, day, week, month and year is so, so precious. There is only so much time to explore, to spend with your friends and family, and to spend taking care and loving yourself so you can truly enjoy your time on this round thing we call planet earth.

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