Scrambled thoughts

For weeks now I find myself typing then erasing, over and over again.

When I get an idea, my fingers start putting it down then my mind drifts off into a million different things that barely even seem important. I eventually realize that I’ve lost my train of thought. I then read what I wrote down and it suddenly seems like scrambled words.

Now all of this has me wondering, is it the sunshine that has been stealing my time and thoughts or is it the ocean waves that are washing away my words or maybe there’s something that is trapping my imagination.

But what could that something be other then – myself.

I tend to forget to express the blissful feeling I get as I stuff my face with delicious, colorful fruits on the beach with my other half. Or the feeling of my mind clearing itself and all weight lifting off my shoulders as I place my bare feet into the warm sand then the drastic change of the cold ocean water that cleanses my body and soul in a split second.

Expressing how grateful I am for the life I’m living might be a good start to find back my flow of words.

My family and I live a beautiful, happy and healthy life doing things I would of never dreamed of doing. I eat pure and healthy foods, visit magical places, do sports and activities and spend about 85% of my time outside.

So many things I could list that make me smile the way I do and that make me feel alive.

My wish is for you to do the same.

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