Dairy free, homemade maple pudding

When it’s 8 o’clock on Saturna island, there is no way you can get dessert unless it’s already at your house. So there I was with this massive craving for sweets, searching the kitchen for ingredients and the web for recipes and I landed on this gem. 💛

**Homemade maple pudding**


As long as you have


-something to use a sweetener ( sugar, chocolate, syrup, honey)


-milk and cream or substitute ( oat, almond, coconut)




Dessert can happen

I loved the dairy free version.

Once cold and the pudding is nice and thick, I topped mine with chopped almonds, pecans along with some coconut flakes and sprinkled cinnamon,

Feel free to change things up by replacing the maple syrup with 1 cup of melted dark chocolate or make a berry vanilla pudding by replacing the maple syrup with 1 cup of cane sugar and adding some berries once cooled.

Pudding is one of those things that you should let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing flavors and toppings, have fun and enjoy !

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