Home by the sea

Every morning at the crack of dawn, I hear the eagles scream as they fly over our house. It has become my new alarm, the one on my phone is now just a back up.

When I get the coffee ready, I always look outside my kitchen window trying to find the deers that tend to do weekly visits, at the same time making sure they aren’t chewing on our new garden.

History under your feet.

The swallows and robins cover the lawn while they hunt for breakfast and the hummingbirds have started to make appearances thanks to our new feeder.

When the mornings are extra quiet, I can hear the waves hit against the rocks from across the street and the echo of the sea lions barking. Living by the sea is definitely a special treat.

Roots have grown through the shell.

Star fish of all sorts of colors are starting to cover the beaches and the orcas are making more frequent appearances to the point where we got to see them while working. Daffodils have decorated the whole island and the sun has started it’s seasonal magic.

As the months go by on Saturna island, we are starting to know more faces and places and I can’t decide on which I enjoy most. The small community has been more then welcoming and every bit of scenery here seems to be a photoshopped picture.

Beautiful gift from the women’s club brought to my door step to welcome us to the community.

When you visit here, keep an eye out for the otters at the pub as they snack on crab, the seals as they fool around at winter cove and the goats as you walk the scenic trail of Mount waburton pike.

And please, smile and wave.

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