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If you haven’t done it yourself, you’ve more then likely seen a coworker survive off energy drinks and gas station snacks. You might even know that feeling of wanting to puke a bit after lunch, as your bent over framing a wall. I know I have, and my gawd it’s awful, all of it. My body hated me for it. Without even realizing it, my day time diet was leaving bloated all the time and ended up making me to tired to even cook dinner after work. Between work and my terrible diet loaded with all the wrong kinds of fats and salt, my body was just slowly shutting down.

While working in more secluded areas and not having any access to fast food, I got more in to the habit of making breakfast and lunch, brewing my own coffee and whipping up smoothies. Lunch meat is now always cooked at home, never packaged and I load my sandwiches/wraps with sprouts, bell peppers, red onions, leafy greens and cheese which never leaves me hungry and gives me all the good stuff my body needs. Add in a few healthy snack it there and boom ! Your wallet and stomach suddenly love you. Stop eating food that makes you feel bloated, it’s just going to slow you down.

1/2 avocado, 2 poached eggs, berries, bacon and toast.

I will soon share with you a fun recipe for some extra nutrient yummy chia/granola balls and maybe share a few easy lunch/snack ideas to help you start some healthier habits.

Burritos for lunch are great, tip; pack the sour cream and fresh salsa on the side.

Things to make sandwiches fun

-bell peppers ( different colors, different taste !)

-sprouts (try different kinds)

-Havarty , aged cheddar or maybe even some feta

-boiled shredded chicken breast

-sliced grilled chicken breast

-red onions ( my favorite when raw)


-kale, spinach, arugula or any leafy green

-tomatoes, apples or even dried/fresh cranberries


-just keep it healthy 😉

As carpenters, we work hard, lift heavy things, use heavy tools and we are hard on our bodies. Feeding it the right things might add a few year on the field rather then waking up every morning having a hard time getting your boots on. Eat properly and stretch often, you’ve chosen a physical career, it’s the least you can do for yourself.

Greens on the bread to prevent sogginess.
Make lunch while breakfast is cooking.

Note- these are recommandations for highly active people whom need a lot of protein and healthy fats for proper muscle health.

Homemade salsa can be a great refreshing snack 🍅
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