Early bird

Why be a morning person, would it be to listen to the early birds sing as they fetch themselves food before daylight has had the chance to takes it’s place in the sky or maybe it could be to take full advantage of the bright new day that awaits you.

Could it be that awful ?

To watch the horizon slowly yet so quickly transition from night to day, to see the color palet that Mother Nature paints with. To meditate with the silence of the world around you who is still sound asleep or to simply have that bit of extra time just for you. Sing, dance, smile. Create your own sun when there is nothing but clouds.

Sit down, relax, drink a coffee/tea eat breakfast, make this a new habit. Think about things you need to get done, nothing ? Perfect, think about things you want to try, you finally got time darling.

So why be a morning person ?

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