Good morning.

I wake this morning, the weather is gloomy yet I feel brighter then ever.

I press start on the coffee machine, the sound of the steaming water along with the birds chirping makes up that perfect morning melody.

Derick is sound asleep, catching up on some well deserved rest and the cats are running 100km/h, up and down the hall way.

That word “home” is definitely starting to have better ring to it.

Along with this new dwelling, spring is just around the corner here on Saturna island. Our new yard is blossoming with raspberry and blackberry bushes and the salal berries are already starting to ripen. Seems to be a gift of sweetness from Mother Nature. Now as I sit at my kitchen table and sip on my fresh cup coffee, I relax with ease and lose myself in a daydream of what this adobe has waiting for us .

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