Be your own source of happiness

We are almost settled in. Our small amount of furniture is all in place and our belongings along with our little treasures/decorations have found their spots in the house.

There is still this feeling of being lost in this larger place that I am no longer used to living in. My dresser and closet is empty and so are the cupboards in the kitchen. For almost three years I have adapted to being in this tiny space that, without realizing it, has became something of comfort for me.

However, as I sit on the couch writing my blog with my legs over Derick, the fire crackling next to us keeping us warm, I get that same feeling of comfort and realize that I am still just as content.

Adapting does not always happen in a blink of an eye, rushing it does not always help neither. It is better to take small steps with things and let yourself adjust. It is also important that you learn to be happy with simply who you are rather then let things or places be your source of happiness. This is when you will have reached peace with yourself.

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