Getting off the road

After almost 3 years of living on the road, moving from town to town, we’ve finally decided to settle down for a year or so in a adorable little trailer home, here on Saturna Island.

All recycled furniture. Grand total of 165$ to furnish our new home.

We are heavy hearted to be getting out of our tiny home on wheels, but considering the fact that there is no rv parks or any convenient spots to settle, this is our best option.

To tell you the truth, there will be a lot to take advantage of. For starters, there will be no neighbors, other then the deer and birds that roam the forest. I now have a huge amount of space to do some gardening and have house plants, tank will have a large yard to call his own, Derick and I will have a small enclosed work area for any futur projects but most importantly, I will have a washer and dryer !

Much coffee was needed for this move.

Yes, those things might just be what I missed the most from living in a house. Everything else, I feel like Derick, the animals and I, have very well adapted to. Although I’m sure there’s a few things Derick will appreciate a break from also, such as dealing with the black/grey water tanks, batteries and general motorhome maintenance that aren’t necessarily the most … therapeutic activities.

I am very excited on what sort of things this new home will bring us and I hope you are just as excited to read about it.

A sneak peak of our new home 🏡

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