Make cleaning more natural

Let me tell you a few reasons on why I decided to completely stop buying household cleaning products just over a year ago.

It started when I decided to read up on the side effects it can have on you and your family ( yes, your fur babies especially.) From nasal problems, throat irritation, skin rashes, allergy developments, asthma ,cancer and more.

If that doesn’t make you rethink about what your using to clean your house. How about the fact that most products only temporarily hide odors rather then destroy them and how your kids and pets end up licking almost every surface you put that product on.

Solution – organic Vinegar

I know, the smell is awful. But when using the right recipe, vinegar is actually a natural deodorizer that dries out scentless and you can actually add a few things that will make your house smell dreamy, while leaving it sparkly clean.

Heavy duty- great for bathrooms, windows, counters and floors.

3 parts vinegar – 1 part water.

For more delicate surfaces – 1:1

Orange peels and a few cinnamon sticks.

Let it sit in a dark, cool space for 2 weeks, giving it a good shake every couple of days. A good tip, make 2 at a time, like that you never run out. When ready, poor into a spray bottle and voila !

You may use oils but know that many essential oils can be dangerous for your fur babies even if they are organic, so do your research or ask your vet about what is safe for your pet before experimenting.

A few that can be safe and leave your home smelling like a dream are

-tea tree





-lemon grass


You can also use fresh herbs such as Rosemary and thyme or even pine tips and cedar leafs with lemon ,which is much safer and easier on the wallet.

When cleaning your home, you must think that the products you use have just as much impact on your life then the food you eat. So make sure it is as pure and natural as possible to give your family and yourself the healthiest and safest life possible.

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