Because pizza makes people happy.

Living on a small island means eating fresh pizza isn’t something you have access to on a Monday night. Unless you make it yourself.

We might not have a pizza shop but the general store definitely has everything you need to make an awesome pizza night with your family.

I was able to find a dough recipe online that is overly easy to make ,even for those who suck at baking. Ready in 30 minutes. The number one rule in not messing it up, is to mix your dry ingredients first, then add the wet.

For the dough you will need


-active dry yeast




-olive oil

Remember that when shopping for your ingredients, try to buy as much local and natural as possible. Pizza doesn’t have to be completely bad for your health and morals.

For the sauce, it’s obviously always better to make it yourself, but when trying to make things quick you can always go with a can of low in sodium organic pizza sauce and add whatever spices you enjoy, to make it extra tasty.

To make things fun, prepare a bunch of ingredients so everyone in the family can make their own personal pizza, making everyone happy. Remember to multiple your recipe when making more then one. To give you an idea, the one above results to one medium sized pizza

Derick and I have a very “healthy” appetite so we went with this long list of ingredients. Note that we had left over for breakfast.

⁃ bell peppers

⁃ Red onions

⁃ Green olives

⁃ Black olives

⁃ Cherry tomatoes

⁃ Broccoli

⁃ Chicken

⁃ Bacon

⁃ Dried salami

⁃ Feta

⁃ Mozzarella

30 minutes to rise dough, roughly 15 minutes to make pizza then 15 minutes to cook. Results; an immense amount of cheese satisfaction.

*** Note *** For the crust I switched the recipe for 1/4 cup of sugar and also added flax seeds as well as black sesame seeds that gave a wonderful taste and texture and some extra nutrients to make pizza night “healthy”.

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