Winter on a rain shadowed Island

It’s now the middle of winter, the ground is covered with a mix of mud, fresh grass and blossoming flowers. Roses bushes are beginning to bloom and the locals are getting their gardens beds ready for this spring.

Mother Nature doing her magic in February.

The west coast has been treating us well with perfect days of warming sun and cool ocean breeze ,giving me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Art is whatever you want it to be.

All of it making the rainy days more forgiving. I slowly learn to appreciate the beautiful dark clouds that hurry across the sea, curving around the mountains, soaking the earth. I learn to appreciate our days in our turtle shell, soaking up the warmth by the fire and drinking an unreasonable amount of coffee while listening to the hard drops of rain falling on the roof.

Saturna Island seems to have a piece of magic just about everywhere you go. Between hidden trails and secret coves, there is still many places I have yet to explore. I don’t know what gets me the most, the goats that roam the trails followed by their heart melting babies or the packs of seals that seem to spy on you on every shore line you visit. Every night the local owls sing a lullaby to sleep to followed by the silence of this secluded island.

The locals and Mother Nature have found their way of making Saturna hard to leave. The Haggis bakery has got me hooked the best Nanaimo bars and the Saturna Cafe has brought cooking to a whole new level. The friendly faces at the pub and general store always giving a warm welcome and making you feel right at home.

Saturna cafe serves the best takeout you could ask for.

If you ever visit this secluded island, be kind and respectful to the land and people because it is a mix of both that will make your stay enjoyable.

4 Comments on “Winter on a rain shadowed Island

  1. Thank you for bringing Saturna’s winter alive. I’m ij the USA and was not able to visit last summer for the first time in 20+ years. Hello seals, goats, winter birds, inter tidal life. I will be back ASAP. YOU are missed.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this, gave those of us who have never been to the west coast, a little look inside, and the feeling of many raindrops. That take out looks great, do they deliver? And how far? lol the fish look scrumptious! Great pics through all of it.

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