Being a female, traveling carpenter.

As I was growing up, l had the stereotypical idea that by the age of 25 I would be married, working in an office, have a house, kids and in general be settled down near my family.

I am now 25, move about twice a year, sometimes more, work in construction, building houses and live in a motorhome with my boyfriend and 3 pets.

I love everything about it. I have now built houses and worked on construction sites in over 14 towns/cities and 3 provinces.

For me, the beauty of it, is that while living and exploring all these gorgeous places, I get to build something that becomes part of that place, I get to meet kindest, most beautiful souls who teach me so much about life and I get to see and live things that remind me why I am doing all of this.

For those who are wondering I still do and have everything I enjoy in my Rv. I have creams and oils, make-up, and clothes.

I have a coffee machine, blender, food processor and toaster. I have spices, all sizes of pots and pans, I cook big healthy meals, bake bread, roast turkeys you name it.

I can manage to do yoga, basic work outs, play with the cats and dog. We have skate, snow, surfboards, fishing roads, crab cages and tools. So yes, I still get to live a normal life, just differently.

Even when I paint my nails, my hands are full of calluses, cuts, and slivers. Even when I shave my legs, they are full of bruises and scrapes and when I get dolled up, I usually have some sawdust stuck in curls.

I can use a skill and chainsaw, build a house, split lumber, skateboard, and surf. I fish, explore and travel.

I might not match the standards to some people of what a women should be like or how she should live but I sure am happy of the women I am and more then in love with the lifestyle I live.

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  1. Wow this was soooooooooo great….love it. Can I attach a tiny camper to the RV, and with that, my dog Riley and I would have a great time….. Being a woman in truth, as you point out and I have tried to my friends and family, is different with each one of us, most importantly we have to be proud of ourselves.

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