Mental reset

As we loaded the car with our wetsuits and boards, cats ,dog and other essentials, we looked at each other with excitement even though we both questioned our decision of making this trip during such eventful times. ( See last post for details.)

We booked a room with an balcony tub and harbor view for a few nights in Ukee hoping to getaway and catch a few waves. Now, we made our reservations just before getting some bad news, however, we decided that there was no chance that we were going to cancel this trip.

So in the Suzuki and off to Ucluelet we went.

Slowly, as we made our way across the Island, Mother Nature did what she does best here on the west coast during the winter months. About 75mm fell from the dark cloudy sky, making the drive not as relaxing as expected. After 6 long hours of Takow and Tank cuddling and Pocha getting sick a couple of times, we finally arrive to our beautiful destination.

We threw our things in the room, filled up the jacuzzi and soaked in it for hours. By this time, most of the clouds had cleared off, filling the night sky with stars and creating a silence that was only broken by the sea lions arguing across the Harbor and the waves breaking on the shore.

As I woke up the next day after a long ,much needed sleep in our king size bed, I slipped in to my bathrobe and decided to go outside to get a breath of the beautiful ocean breeze. The shy sun peaked out to say hello over the morning mist, creating two amazing rainbows which for some odd reason just happened to make all those unnecessary, negative emotions, go away.

Balcony view from

After Derick and I enjoyed our morning coffee while again, listening to the latest seal gossip, we placed a take out order from our go-to breakfast place in Ukee, The Blueroom, then headed over to Relic Surf shop. There, we geared up for winter surfing. Thanks to them we already owned most of all our personal surf gear but during the colder seasons, a hoodie and gloves are a must.

Now before you all get over excited, we didn’t get much surfing done. To start, we aren’t the most experienced surfers and well then, there was a storm bringing in 14-16ft waves. When we arrived, it was high tide, leaving barely any beach access. Waves were coming in and breaking from all directions and the rip current was stronger then I’ve ever experienced.

My favorite human

However, we were keen on trying our new gear and weren’t leaving until we dipped our bodies in that gorgeous, cold ocean water. In some ways , Mother Nature was on our side, she shinned her warm light on us as went in to the water and brought out some blue skies for a short period of time. Just enough for us to enjoy it, ride a few of small waves close to shore and head right back to our hot-tub where we were safe and warm.

We spent the rest of our stay walking trails, storm watching and enjoying all the things we’ve missed so much. Our stay at the Water Edge Shoreside Suites was perfect,gorgeous room,pet friendly and a view you can not get sick of. The getaway was everything we needed to start off the new year, relieve some stress and set our minds straight for what was coming.

Jelly fish washed up to shore.

As we left Ukee to return to Saturna, the clouds filled the sky and a storm came in. High winds took over and the ferries to get home got canceled. I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog, till then, that’s a taste of the beginning of 2021 for us. Have a great year everyone.

Our favorite spot to watch storms and sunsets 🌓

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