Change of plans

It’s been a while since I took the time write about what’s going on work wise for us, so let me get you in the loop.

Before the holidays, we finished the footing on the ocean front here on Saturna Island. Now I won’t get in to details but we will not be the ones who will be finishing the project. Due to that, our stay here on Saturna Island was supposed to be cut short and we were supposed to follow the rest of the crew over to Victoria. Unfortunately, this time of year campsites are full and finding a spot to live in a motorhome is close to impossible, so for the moment, we have to part ways with Vineuve.

It was about the last thing we wanted to do considering how much with actually enjoyed working for them, however, we are grateful that we get to temporarily leave on good terms and know we will be able to be part of the next “out of town” job.

Now to talk about our work and living situation, we luckily came in to contact with a very kind, local man who has some cool projects to keep us busy for the time being, meaning we get to extent our stay here and enjoy the Island a bit more.

I will say, although my heart is heavy to be temporarily be leaving Vineuve, I feel blessed to have found a job as a carpenter on this beautiful secluded island during these times.

Living in a older motorhome has been sometimes stressful when it come to trying to find a spot to live. Most campgrounds won’t accept anything under 20 years old anymore and those who do are usually always fully booked. We’ve considered buying a newer one for that reason but … we like this one. We’ve renovated inside, it runs great, low mileage and well, it’s our home.

So regardless of the challenges, we always find a way to make it work.

Hit the follow button and stay tuned to see my new kitchen upgrades ,how we did a beautiful mosaic tile job under our fireplace and find out how we started the new year, swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

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