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Let’s take a minute to thank the dads, husbands, boyfriends and brothers. Take a minute to thank your bosses, foremen,supervisors and co-workers.

Some of us are lucky to have certain men by our side to teach us ,defend us and support us. I’ve had my brothers and now have my boyfriend who I am so grateful to have learned from. I am part of a crew that get’s along, has fun and respects each other, which makes days at work go by so much quicker.

I remember when I was little and always wanted to play with my older brothers. It wasn’t always easy but I definitely had more fun then playing with the dolls.

We are in this industry because we enjoy working hard, we enjoy being outside and we enjoy getting dirty. We don’t mind the cuts and bruises and we can deal with the rain and snow. No it isn’t for everyone but neither is working at a desk.

We must to be grateful for the men who let us be one of “them”, because it’s not realistic to think that we are going to make a change without them. It isn’t easy for them trying to get through to people for us, neither. So when you see a man standing up for you, thank them because he is also making a difference.

My siblings are my life. All 5 of us have worked/work in construction.
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