You might not have known.

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You had an interview with her and wondered why she was so anxious.

You might not know that she has been turned down from every other application.

You wondered why she took things so seriously.

You might not know how many people took her as a joke.

You asked her to go get nails from the other crew and she almost seemed scared.

You might not of heard the nasty comments they’ve said.

You asked yourself why she got so mad when those guys stared at her. You might not know how many times she had been sexual harassed.

Some days she seemed slow and emotional.

You might not know she had been bleeding for 4 days while building your house.

She over dressed on the hottest days of summer, you might not know about the looks she would of gotten.

She quite the industry.

You might not of asked about what she was going through.

Ask questions. Take action. Make a change.

“By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade.”- Desiderious Erasmus

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