So far on Saturna Island

It’s been just over a month now that we are living on a beautiful Vineyard on Saturna Island. The sunrises along with the sunsets behind the ocean and mountain view’s have not been disappointing.

Our days at work have been a beautiful balance of the west coast rains and the wonderful sunshine and warmth of this magical rain shadow area. This town has not ceased to amaze me with it’s kind people and countless beach accesses. Exploring has been made easy here.

We watch and listen to the sea lions “bark” when visiting Winter Cove and the light house, get spied on by the seals when fishing and run in to feral goats when roaming in the trails. To top it off we get the occasional orcas and dolphins that will pass by on casual day at work.

Our dog Tank has happier then ever having so much room to play and making friends at the beach. It’s relieving to say that our family is more then well adapting to the area.

The community has been one of the sweetest I’ve seen in so long. Everyone knowing and respecting each other. Local farms providing meat,eggs and baked goods. Multiple programs for the elderly, less fortune and the community, that just melt my heart reading about them. All of this done The Lions Club which has the most charming volunteers.

All to say say that Saturna Island is a magical place. If you decide to visite, you will not be disappointed by it’s breath taking views and warm welcoming from the locals. But as I’ve said before, when you visit these communities, be respectful and kind to everything and everyone that is around you because they are sharing a little piece of paradise.

Check mine and Derick’s new YouTube Channel and subscribe to see beautiful videos captured here on Saturna 🌊🐚

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