Birthday Weekend

So a few weeks ago Derick and I had booked a room at the Water Edge resort in Uclulet, Bc, with a balcony hot-tub with a harbor view with a plan to get some good surfing done. Last week I got a call saying that it was shutting down due to COVID protocols.

So…. we decided to stay here on Saturna Island and play it safe. Had a beautiful walk up to the light house at east point, saw many sea lions and seals, did some crab fishing, had some drinks and enjoyed a beautiful evening with the one I love most.

The longer we stay here and the more people we meet, the more we love this place .

You will always be young enough to climb trees 🌳

Check out this video that I put together for you, please leave a comment, let me know what you think and what you would like to see, like and subscribe.

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