Treat yourself


After living in a motorhome for 2 years, it’s good to remember to treat yourself.
Don’t give me wrong, I love the Rv life, but a big cozy bed and unlimited hot water is definitely nice once in while. So on Thursday night, we booked a hotel room in Squamish and Friday morning we hit the road. 

As soon as we arrived, we head out to visit our good old friend Paul. He brought us down by the river on Squamish nation land, where he usually fishes for salmon and hangs out with family and friends. Within the hour we were there, we saw a few eagles, a seal and a black bear. It was absolutely amazing. 

On Saturday, we went for a long drive, exploring the backroads of Squamish. Took the day to get away from the world and get lost.
By going so far in to the forest and so high up in the mountains, we ended up finding ourselves a little winter wonderland. The views were breathtaking but so was the cold weather.

Sunday before heading back home, we drove up to whistler, went for a little walk and had a wonderful breakfast at the Stone Edge Kitchen. It was the cherry on top of the Sunday. The sky was clear making the scenery flawless and the little bit of snow with the frosty air coming down the mountains was nostalgic. Winter is just around the corner and I can’t wait ❄️ 

Do whatever that makes you happy

2 Comments on “Treat yourself

  1. Hey Sasha & Derrick!
    Yes the change of season wasnt always appreciated but now I see the opportunity to see nature’s “wardrobe change” through new eyes.
    Change is everywhere… don’t blink!!

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    • Hey Jonathan !! “Natures wardrobe change “, great choice of words ! I’m so happy you enjoy our adventures ,thank you for following and stay posted as there as so much more to come ☺️

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