It gets easier

Now trust me when I say, I know this job isn’t always easy as a women. When we wake up, we don’t get to put on our new favorite outfit, doing our hair is useless, we don’t get home smelling like flowers, our nails usually stay short and dirty with nail polish lasting about 15 minutes in to the day and we’re usually cooking dinner in our dirty work clothes. The list goes on.

But please believe me when I say, the longer your in the industry for, the more you will get comfortable with all of it. I promise

Clearing out trees, making space for the foundation.

More comfortable with tools, more comfortable on the job sites, with others, yourself and generally everything.

When I started, I felt uncomfortable asking for a raise or a salary I thought I was worth. I would of never dared to complain about anything, from outhouses that we’re just to nasty to even open the door , to sexual harassment, to unfair pay.

House we finished up in Ukee. First siding job.

I was questioned on why I made a big deal at the Christmas staff party, when my butt got grabbed twice. I was questioned on why I was angry when I was rushed to the hospital with a kidney infection during the Covid 19 outbreak in March due to not having access at I all to a bathroom. I honestly often felt like my job was always at risk because I was a minority.

But every time something out of the sort would happen, I had Derick by my side, reminding what I was worth and reminding that I have every right to demand to be treated like any other worker, with respect and dignity.

Exhaustion at its finest.
Coffee is essential to the trade

Today, I feel comfortable using/trying any tool handed to me. I feel comfortable being smelly and dirty and I feel comfortable not being dolled up.

Biggest floor I’ve ever sheeted mostly alone.
Now the other half tomorrow …

I feel comfortable looking at a man dead in the eyes and telling him what salary I want and what I need to make my job possible. I feel more than comfortable telling someone off for staring for to long or saying/doing something inappropriate about me or any other women. Today I know that I have a place in the industry

I know that I’m just as important as any other carpenter, I know that I have a voice, I have the right to speak up, to learn and to grow in the industry just like anyone else does .

Today I know that when I walk on to the job site, I’m gonna rock any task that’s given to me.

Find a job that makes you happy

2 thoughts on “It gets easier

  1. My just job was as a labourer, we did renovations on community centre and fire department built a shed. The government sent us to college to learn some basics; plug and light in electrical, hot water tank, sink and toilet in plumbing and of course build a shed for carpentry, we were given a trades helper certificate, I tried to apply for the carpentry program and was discouraged by the instructor at that time. No one would hire a female for a labourer or carpenter . I went into office work Instead but i was never completely happy. 20 years later Working as a manager a doctor who knew I could do renovations asked Me to work at his building doing maintenance fees hours a week, I finally found what made me happy . 5 years ago I decided to try applying for the program again I got excepted, completed my 3rd block this year but I still face challenges. Have applied for several jobs and not one interview, men snickering or flirting , women talking behind your back telling lies to get others to dislike you instead of empowering each other but what hurts the most is hearing if my husband hired a woman carpenter I’d leave him

    1. This brought tears to my eyes. I’m so sorry to hear that but thank you so much for sharing this. We need to put an end to that crap. I honestly have often emailed my resume and didn’t imply that I was a women. I also keep a close relationship with my bosses wife’s usually. In 2020 women can not be bringing other women down. Keep your head high and please don’t give up. If you have to, start your own thing. But don’t give up ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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