A summer in Canada’s surf town.

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This pass summer, Derick and I had the opportunity to live in Uclulet, Bc. It was honestly a dream come true to have found this job in may, when everything was shutting down on Vancouver Island because of COVID 19. As soon as we arrived, we were lucky enough that Relic Surf shop was selling retail by appointment and the owner was kind enough to let us in and hook us up with some sweet surf gear. This made our summer much more exciting.

I won’t lie, to have had the opportunity to live in Uclulet while traveling was not aloud and everything was shut down was amazing. The deer wondered all over town, the beaches were empty with plenty of space to surf and everywhere was peaceful and quiet.

Mike, the kind owner of Relic surf shop.
That day at the beach I was far too proud of my new gear.

Now I’m gonna tell you about of a specific night when we decided to host a 90s bbq at our Rv with the people we work with. Everyone had amazing costumes, I had track pants, a turtle neck, a fanny pack with bright pink lipstick and the side ponytail. Once the sun went down and everyone had enough drinks in them, we decided it wouldn’t be a true 90s night if we didn’t all go skateboarding in the empty streets. Sure enough we grab our skate boards, grab a Bluetooth speaker, pop on the best old school hip-hop playlist we could find and hit the road.

Walk at the crack of dawn watching a sea lion feast.

Now i will tell you right now, I can get places on my board and hit small hills, but I am very far from being a pro. Buuutt…. I thought I was the next tony hawk that night. Derick and the others being much more experienced then me decided to bomb this hill, at the moment I thought it was one I had previously done. So I decided to bomb it to. After getting through two speed wabbles, I thought I was good, then a third one hit me along with a few rocks.

After math of road slide

I flew off my board and slid far enough to melt the top of my shoes and skin my palm.Turns out, I have never bombed that hill before. Turns out it I shouldn’t of skateboarded back home.

Two fractures in the kneecap

Yes. After waiting three weeks to see a doctor, i found out I fractured my kneecap in two different places. That made the next 6 weeks of my life a living hell. You don’t realize how important you knee is until you can’t use it. But honestly, I don’t regret it, it was a great night and I had an amazing time. As soon as I hit my 6 week mark, derick and I got back in the water and started surfing again. I won’t lie I almost cried I few times when Id fall knees on the board or when the rip was to strong but it would pass we made the best of time we had there.

Once most of the scabbing was healed

I won’t tell you the names of the places we went and explored but will share a few photos. I strongly believe that you should go out and explore and try to keep places as secluded as possible to keep in clean and peaceful. Unfortunately there is a big problem in Tofino and Uclulet with littering. There is a place called Rainbow beach that has become absolutely disgusting. We have picked up 6 bags of trash in one day and the next weekend it was like it had never been cleaned.

Abandoned vehicle in the logging roads

So please for those who decide to visit these beautiful town, be respectful. Be respectful to the locals, the the town, the wildlife and the forest.

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footsteps.”

Snorkeling is magical places
Finding something we weren’t looking for.
Camping at it’s finest.
Beautiful swimming pools in a river.


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