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So I finally decided that I would take the time to go in to detail on what exactly do I do for a living. In this blog ill write about how and why I became a carpenter and a bit about what it’s like to be a female in the industry.

Now I won’t say it that it wasn’t a little bit of a chock when I decided to go from working in a cozy office in Gatineau, Quebec to working in the blistering cold of Edmonton, Alberta 5 years ago. I was just about to turn 20 years old when I decided to join my older brother out west, he was kind enough to give me a job doing roof trusses. I won’t lie, back then I didn’t think I would be where I am today.

I won’t sugar coat it. My days on a construction site have often been hard. Between the amount of sexist people who still exist in the industry and just the basic conditions of a construction worker, I’ve thought of leaving the industry so many times. I’ve been under paid, gotten my butt grabbed, I’ve been harassed, yelled at, I’ve hurt my self, gotten heatstrokes, been flooded to my underwear and cold to the point where I thought my fingers we’re breaking ,the list goes on. It would be a lie to say this career hasn’t made me cry. But I love it.

Yes I know, that sounds insane, but I really do I love my job.

I love working outdoors. I love building houses. I love working with my hands and learning everyday. As much as I hate it, I love the rain falling on my face on a hot summer day , or the beautiful snowflakes, insulting the sound on a job site during a snowstorm when most have stayed home. I love that I can work with Derick and have him by my side through all of my challenges.I started off as a labour who barely knew how to hammer in a nail to becoming part of the 1% of female carpenters in Canada.

Today I work for Vineuve construction, a wonderful company that makes me feel safe and respected as women and gives Derick and I the opportunity to work in different towns and Islands. I can’t express how important yet hard that is to find.

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My word to you, if you want to enter the industry, do it. Keep you head high and don’t let anyone talk you down. It might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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