Long story short

A lot has changed since I last wrote anything on here . To start off, the bus project has been put on pause. We decided this when last spring when we had moved to Squamish and unfortunately faced some major financial issues due to work.

I won’t get into those details but I will say that I’ve never learned so much about life more then I did then. With the least money in our pockets, Derick and I had the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives.

While we were living in Squamish valley, we met this beautiful aboriginal couple named Paul and Judy. They gave us so much knowledge about forestry and ancient cedars and helped us every way they could to get us out of the hole. They gave us the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate Squamish and Elaho valley and made our time there much more enjoyable.

Paul cutting an old fallen cedar to make shake blocks

From Squamish we made our way to Vancouver Island. At first, the move was not the easiest, we faced challenges that got us thinking of just letting the whole mobile life go. To top it off, our previous motorhome basically died on us during the worst time but instead, it pushed us to upgrade to something better.

Fishing in Squamish Valley
A sunset near Port-Renfrew

We now live in a 31ft RV and it makes the nomad life SO MUCH easier. Maybe we don’t have our dream Skoolie at the moment but for now we are just focusing on our happiness. Stay posted as I get more into detail on what we’ve been up to Islands of Canadian west coast !

Appreciating one of Vancouver Islands giant sequoias

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