Enjoying life

D1A9917F-0683-4613-85B5-F0DF9E590C43I must say, the more I take advantage of the whole mobile home thing, the more I enjoy and appreciate the beauty of it.

I believe adapting is still in the process but I think we’re doing just fine. I’m always trying to find better ways storing things and making everything as easily accessible as possible. So far, small baskets have been a maricle worker. From my clothes, to the bathroom all the way into the kitchen, they make everything easy to get to and put away.  I cannot express myself on how much disorganization can get to you when you are living in such a small space. But all of this is the best preparation for we when move into the bus.

Now to talk about our latest get aways. We decided to take things easy to put our minds a rest with all the big changes going on. So we’ve been taking off these pass few week-ends on spontaneous road trips. So far doing highway 99 to Lillooet must be my favorite. Although it wasn’t my first time and definitely not my last, the views the whole way never fail to amaze me. I suggest anyone living or visiting Vancouver or its mainlands to make the trip. I must also give compliments to the amazing community of Agassiz. The small town in the Fraser valley is cozy beyond belief. Beautiful farm fields on the side of the Fraser river,surrounded by gorgeous mountains. It happens a to be the season for the bald eagle migration and massive salmon run, so wildlife viewing is at it prime. Don’t forget British Colombia is full on hidden gems, you just got to take the time to find them.

What do I like the most about living in a motorhome? It takes away that feeling of being on a everyday routine. It makes life less repetitive and similar to others. Every night we have the choice on where we want to go and stay. I no longer have to “go home” to make dinner or to shower and get ready. We now have a sense of freedom that would of been impossible without having a home on wheels.

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