07D9BABC-1932-441B-8D00-36BD01FBE9E4 This pass month has been dedicated to adapting and settling with our new lifestyle . We decided to go from a large two floor home to a 24ft long Ford Citation. We love it. 

I know you might be confused on why we bought this. But we decided that to be able to put the most time and money into the bus, small simple living is our best option. Vancouver and it’s mainlands have the highest cost of living in Canada so what better way of saving then to just skip rent completely. 


How is it? Well we got rid of about 75% of what we owned. Was it hard, yes. Do I regret it, not for a second. Moving into such a small space made me concentrate on what I really I love and prize the most. All the things I couldn’t let go of had to fit into my “love” box , which is a box of decorations, precious finds and sentimental objects, and my house plants. These things are what really filled the Winnebago, but brought the most comfort.

Now before you think that we’re basically homeless, our motor home has a complete water system with a flush toilet, shower and hot water tank.Has a great battery system that can keep us going for about 3 days off grid with fridge/freezer and oven. It’s a great setup to live in and to go for road trips in. Luckily we don’t have to live on a campsite, our friends have a big backyard where we can also have our bus stored for us to work on.


 What was the hardest part ? Finding ways to organize/place our things. Putting them away wasn’t hard. It’s finding things after. Our storage areas our small and dark so we got small baskets from the dollar store and LED lights to avoid throwing everything around to find something. Our next step is to add shelves and hooks to take more advantage of our wall and closet space.

What’s the best part ? I will be more than ready to move into the bus once it’s done. I am learning to live my everyday life in such a tiny space and I’m finding easier and easier by the day. I am able to have all my plants lights and decorations giving the most relaxed vibes I can ask for. I am able to cook any meal I want without a single issues. And last but not least, leaving for a road trip and not having to pack anything up. 


I’m becoming more and more grateful for such a minimalist lifestyle. It’s such a simple way of living that I think it would be hard to go back. I find my self having to much more time for myself, my partner and pets. Not having to clean and care for such a big home and maintaining to societies expectations of success gives such a great stress relief. I never realized how much it actually had control of my life until it was all done and gone. I hope with all of this I can encourage all of you to live whatever weird or crazy dream you want and not let society tell you it’s not the correct way of living.BA4F09F6-20CC-4383-8872-5E57775B6611

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