Getting dry and warm

273712F3-71C7-4E18-BC23-30243BE891BB.jpegAlright, ready to hear what we got done ? Once we had the bus down to bare metal,  we started working on what is priority to us, keeping the bus dry and warm. To do so first we decided to scrape all the old gunk off the windows and window frames and reseal them with fresh seam seal. Be prepared for the task because i can’t say it’s  quick and easy. This option was best at our opinion for the reason that it doesn’t dry and end up cracking causing your windows to leak. If you have been on the west coast during winter time you will understand the importance on making your bus as waterproof as possible. 

For the insulation, we decided to completely insulate and seal everywhere. Starting with the floors, we insulated with 1” 1/2 tongue and grove foam from front to back and taped all the joints tight with Tuck tape. We then sheeted the floor with 5/8 plywood and then sealed all the remaining cracks in with Great Stuff. To glue the foam to the metal and the sheets to the foam we used PL premium. We went with this to avoid the chance of using a glue that will melt the foam.

For the walls below the windows, we basically used the the same technic. Except this time, we used 1” foam. Also we temporarily screwed a few wood strapping to make sure the foam sticks well with no air gaps. The main reason we used foam is because it also works as a vapor barrier. This is super important when you guys are insulating you bus,camper or van to prevent condensation that would lead to rotting and mold. You can also use polyethylene as a vapor barrier if you chose to go with other methods. 

Now since we got so excited on all the work we got done, we decided to start building the first section of our futur home, the room! We decided the make a bed frame at 2’ high and 64” wide which makes a perfect fit for a queen size bed. Also we are keeping all our windows so we calculated it to put in a wooden varnished contour to prevent the mattress from getting any condensation. Underneath, we will have two large drawers for some of ourclothes and the rest will be for our electrical system and storage that will be accessible from the outside.

Oh and through the process of working with glue, chalk line, sealant and dirt… wear gloves . 🧤 B8FEB9F3-390D-4EB2-AACC-C0E663DF4986

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