Strip it down


So obviously before starting to build our dream home, we had to rip everything out, and I mean EVERYTHING. The flooring, the ceiling and the windows. Considering the fact that winters will get cold , which means lots of condensation, we wanted to insulate everywhere and remove all old insulation that could possibly be molded. 

I started with the floors and Derick worked his way over removing all the ceiling.Take note, after trying a few different ways, we figured out punching in the middle of the rivets was the quickest way of removing the metal sheets on the ceiling. As for the flooring, it was screwed, gulued and nailed. Our bus is a 1992, the screws and nails were completely rusted solid to the bus. So, a hammer, nail puller and crowbar were my best friends. Within 2 days, we had the whole bus stripped. 

In the end, the feeling of looking at the bus once it was completely stripped down was actually exiting. I know some of you might think I’m insane but knowing it’s ready to be built and that from that moment on, your really only going forward with things is a huge weight lifted. That’s when things really start. 

Stay posted !! 

Next time I’m going to let you guys know how I scraped all the old window gunk off and how we got the floors completely insulated and sheeted within 2 days. 


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